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¡Bienvenido a nuestro Preguntas Frecuentas!
Encuentra aquí, los temas más consultados.

  • What drinks are included in the open bar?
    The open bar includes beer, vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, various soft drinks, juices, and water.
  • How long is the party?
    You will get to party 5 hours long. We will depart at 3 pm and return to the marina at 8 pm
  • Where do we go to?
    Nowhere…. It is a party, so we are just going to sail along the tropical Riviera Maya with a short stop to take a refreshing dive in the warm Caribbean Sea.
  • What music will you play?
    Our resident DJ Barby plays a range of different music styles all aimed to have an incredible party. If you have any favorites, you really want to dance to, please feel free to let her know or send your music request via social media @navegaycion, however, she is the lady in control, so we don’t make any promises!
  • Do we make a stop somewhere?
    Yes, we will make a stop to allow you to take a relaxing and refreshing dive in the warm Caribbean Sea. We won’t be docking anywhere; it will be just us in the middle of the sea.
  • What entertainment is included?
    In addition to a DJ who will be playing your favorite dance music, we will have drag queens and professional dancers to bring the party to the next level. Check our social media @navegaycion for more announcements from your crew.
  • What should I bring?
    To start off: your good mood and dancing moves! We suggest you also pack a small bag to include reef safe sunscreen, your swim shorts, and a towel to dry off after a refreshing dive into the Caribbean sea. And of course, don’t forget your phone and waterproof casing for those unforgettable selfies and Instagram stories. If you are prone to seasickness, don’t forget medication. Also, make sure you have your ticket printed or available on your phone and bring the card which you used to purchase your ticket.
  • What should I wear?
    Navegaycion is all about party and having a fun time while cruising on a catamaran along the tropical shores of the Riviera Maya. Shoes are not allowed on the boat, so leave your high heels at home. There is a covered area on the boat to provide you some shade to cool down after showing off your dance moves. No clothing is not an option, but with all this in mind…. dress to dance, have fun and impress on a catamaran in a tropical setting.
  • Do I need to bring cash?
    Your Navegaycion ticket includes an open bar, so no need to bring cash for your drinks. However, the crew and entertainers don’t mind that you show your appreciation for making your party the best ever, by leaving them a tip at the end.
  • Can I bring my own drinks?
    The open bar includes a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including beer, rum, vodka, tequila, whiskey, soft drinks, juices, and water. So please don’t bring your own drinks as you won’t be allowed to consume them on board.
  • Can I buy food on board?
    Unfortunately, no food is available on board, so make sure you have lunch before you come to Navegaycion or bring your own!
  • Can I smoke on board?
    Smoking is not allowed on board, except for e-cigarettes. Please note that vaping marijuana, THC, or derived products is not allowed, as it is illegal here in Mexico.
  • Where does the catamaran leave from?
    Your Navegaycion cruise leaves from a marina in the hotel zone in Cancun. You will receive the exact location in your confirmation email.
  • How do I get to the marina?
    The easiest way to get to the marina is by taxi. Please note that the marina does not have parking space, so we don’t recommend coming by car. If you are planning to come by car, we suggest you park in Puerto Cancun and take a taxi to the marina.
  • What time should I arrive?
    Please make sure you arrive at the marina no later than 1.45 pm so we can check you in and complete all the paperwork so your Navegayion party can start on time. Unfortunately, if you have not checked in by that time, you will lose out on an amazing party.
  • Will you wait if I arrive late?
    Unfortunately, we cannot wait for you if you are late. So please be sure to check in before 1.45 pm and stay in the marina after you have checked in. As there are several boats in the marina, we need to board the catamaran as a single group. If you are not there when we start boarding, Navegaycion will depart without you. Please note that you are not entitled to a refund in case you arrive late for the check-in or boarding.
  • Rules of the boat
    To ensure a great and safe party, there are a few rules to follow: You need to be at least 18 years old Always comply with the instructions of the crew No smoking on board (e-cigarettes are allowed) No eating on board No consumption of alcohol you brought yourself No jumping of the boat while it is in motion or in the marina No drugs (this includes marijuana, as all drugs are illegal in Mexico)
  • COVID Protocol & Measures
    Currently, there are no COVID protocols required by law. However, we will follow any recommendations from the Mexican health authorities. As an extra precaution, we will be checking the temperature of our guests and crew prior to boarding. We require that you do not participate if you have symptoms or have been diagnosed with COVID in the week prior to the party. If you tested positive in the week prior to the event or have symptoms on the day of the event and have taken a COVID test, please send us a copy of your test results so we can exchange your ticket for a later Navegaycion event.
  • Where can I buy a ticket?
    You can buy a ticket exclusively via our website using the following link
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    We accept all major debit and credit cards. You will be charged in Mexican Pesos (MXN). The charge will appear on your statement as Navegaycion Party. We also accept payment by local bank transfer in Mexican Pesos (MXN). You can select this option in the booking page and it will provide you with instructions.
  • Can I buy a ticket at the marina?
    No, tickets must be bought and paid for in advance via
  • Can I buy multiple tickets?
    Yes, you can buy tickets for yourself and your friends. As tickets are personal, please have all the names, email addresses and phone numbers of your friends ready when you book as you need to provide this information.
  • Can I cancel my ticket?
    All tickets are nonrefundable, so you cannot cancel your ticket or obtain a refund. If you are unable to attend the party, you may give the ticket to somebody else and contact us at to change the name on the ticket. Please provide us the full name, email, and telephone number at least 24 hours before the start of the Navegaycion party you have booked.
  • What happens if the weather is bad?
    If it is unsafe to sail due to strong winds, high waves, or excessive rain, the Navegaycion party will be cancelled. If we need to cancel the party, we will inform you as soon as possible and will give you the option of a full refund or a change to one of the future Navegaycion parties.
  • What is the Dock & Reef Tax and why do I need to pay this?
    The Dock & Reef Tax is a federal tax levied on every person embarking a boat in Cancun. This mandatory tax is used to maintain and upgrade marina facilities as well as funding reef conservation work. The Dock & Reef Tax will be added to your ticket in the booking process. All other taxes are included in the ticket price!
  • How can I contact you if I have questions about my ticket?
    If you have any questions regarding your ticket, you can contact us by email at We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.
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